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February 10, 2012 Pivotal Labs

It was only a few short weeks ago that our office was buzzing with the excitement over hosting the Ladies Learning Code workshop. It was a great day filled with paired-programming, awesome development, and the formation of new friendships. Those who participated even got to ‘demo’ or present what they created in the same style Xtreme Labs’ employees do every Friday afternoon. The LLC group loved this. Needless to say it was a Saturday well spent.

Xtreme Labs is always taking measures to stay on the forefront of innovation. We like to support our employees and those in the tech community who take measures to stay up-to-speed with the latest and greatest. Quenching their thirst for knowledge, if you will. So to avoid disappointment, this week the office is buzzing with the excitement of a new opportunity. Partnering with Nokia, Xtreme Labs is proud to announce it will be hosting a Windows Phone 7 internal Hackathon series at the Xtreme Labs office. This two, maybe three, part series will consist of a preliminary “Learn-and-Hack” event where developers will receive expert tutorials from Microsoft, and fellow Xtreme Labs employees.

This unique partnership will allow our developers to perfect their development skills on this new WP7 platform. Having already had some experience with it, this event will help our devs master WP7 for future projects and opportunities. The purpose of this weekends “Learn-and-Hack” is to prepare our devs for another exciting hackathon event to come, (more details to follow, stay posted). Nokia will be generously awarding six of our lucky developers brand new Lumia 800 devices.

Windows Phone has become a big player in the smartphone platform category- with speculation that it will be an attention-getter for 2012 with the release of several new phones. Coupled with Nokia’s commitment to run Windows Phone 7 software on its devices, and Xtreme Labs development skills, this strong partnership will bring about some innovative ‘code’ to enhance the device user experience and create intrigue about WP7.


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