With over 100,000,000 test runs, Speedtest for PlayBook is live!

November 15, 2011 Pivotal Labs

With over 100,000,000 tests runs to date, the Xtreme Labs Speedtest app has made the transition to the BlackBerry PlayBook!

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In response to consumer demand for a PlayBook version of our most popular in-house app, Xtreme Labs has answered the call. You can now use the Speedtest application to evaluate the speed of your networks on your BlackBerry PlayBook. The long-awaited PlayBook app follows on the heels of our other Speedtest apps for Android and iPhone.

Using this app you can measure your download and upload speed, measure your latency, and show your max upload and download speed. You can also keep track of and view your Speedtest results history, it even allows you to access worldwide servers to use for localized testing.

Currently Speedtest for PlayBook is rated 4 stars in BlackBerry App World, to download it for free please click here!


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