What the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s New Silver Lining Says About Open Platforms

May 29, 2014 Leo Spiegel

Less than a month after new Gold Members signed on, Pivotal announced earlier today that several new friends, largely from the tech sector, committed to joining to the Cloud Foundry Foundation and community as Silver Members, when the non-profit Foundation launches this fall.

The new members round out a total of more than 30 companies across industries to evolve the leading open source Cloud Foundry platform. With 16 more added today alone, this underscores the growing sentiment within the enterprise that open source means quality software, and that new, scalable software architectures, fueled by innovations like Hadoop, are fundamentally helping run businesses. Enterprises now want the ‘good things’ that have come from open source innovation and the cloud, which start-ups were quick to seize upon.

The Cloud Foundry project was designed to bring open source to the enterprise in a way that fully grasps the cloud. From the start it attracted disparate open source customers and partners to work from a common, secure platform that’s portable (runs on top of any cloud), and development ready (supports languages from node.js, Ruby, etc.). This is not a proprietary stack with a sprinkling of open source, but a platform to bring the standards and innovation of open source to satisfy enterprise-grade appetites.

Its agility, the speed it creates, and the costs it saves are why so many companies and workload types are finding their way to Cloud Foundry to pursue a variety of commercial and development initiatives (major enterprises leveraging Pivotal CF, Pivotal’s turnkey, enterprise PaaS, which runs on Cloud Foundry, will present at the Cloud Foundry Summit in June).


The Cloud Foundry Foundation will be the platform’s conscience. Where software, open source and the cloud are dismantling a hegemony of the few (and expensive vertical computing architectures), open governance will allow a new platform to rise from the voices of its many users and critics. The Foundation’s newest members affirm that both the little guy and the big guy matter, and the voice of a participant is as powerful as its contribution to the project.

The Foundation gives the open Cloud Foundry community its public square, and more companies are joining the conversation to say how it should be built.

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