We’re Looking Forward to Welcoming Heptio to the Family! This is Why Our Customers Will be the Big Winners.

November 6, 2018 Richard Seroter

Today, VMware announced that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire Heptio. For those using Kubernetes, they're a familiar name. Staffed with Kubernetes creators and experts, Heptio is going to change the game for VMware, Pivotal, and Pivotal Container Service (PKS) customers upon closing. Here's why.

You will get even more talented people building software and guiding your journey

Two of the three founders of Kubernetes will work at VMware and will help make offerings like PKS even better. Heptio is also bursting with talented engineers, technical staff and go-to-market people that will instantly supercharge the VMware story. Engineers will join VMware teams and bring their talent to all aspects of Kubernetes, including PKS. Heptio folks are also known for delivering expert advice on Kubernetes deployment topologies. It’ll be exciting to access this team to enable you to set up PKS in the best way possible after close.

The overall Kubernetes community is a winner here too. VMware and Pivotal have continued to increase our contributions in the Kubernetes project itself, and now make major additions to each release. Together with Heptio, we will keep making Kubernetes (and resulting commercial products) even better.

You'll see even more powerful, simplifying technology come to PKS

Today, PKS is the enterprise Kubernetes you've been waiting for. Multi-cloud? Check. Build, run, and upgrade clusters with zero downtime via automation? Check. At-scale capabilities like multi-master, multi-AZ, and tenancy via separate clusters? Check. Powerful network segmentation via VMware NSX? Check. Pivotal and VMware have partnered to consistently deliver value with PKS while keeping you on the latest, most secure version of Kubernetes. But there's always more we can do!

The team at Heptio have done some serious Kubernetes engineering; they've built widely-recognized technology for disaster recovery, load balancing, routing, and configuration management. We’re excited to see how the talented Heptio team will influence and contribute to our products after the deal closes. These are hard problems to solve, and the Heptio team has made it simpler. Heptio has been focused on making Kubernetes easier to deploy and manage, not simply offering a distribution. As you'd expect, that involves the public cloud! Heptio collaborates with engineers from all the major cloud providers, and this aligns perfectly with our multi-cloud strategy.

At this point, we're getting famous for continuously delivered platforms—we've shipped 12 PKS releases since launch in February 2018. You should look forward to seeing all this great Heptio technology start showing up in your Kubernetes clusters.

You can expect that the partnership of Heptio, VMware, and Pivotal will continue making Kubernetes amazing, wherever and however you run it. Buckle up.

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Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter is the VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal, a 12-time Microsoft MVP for cloud, an instructor for developer-centric training company Pluralsight, the lead InfoQ.com editor for cloud computing, and author of multiple books on application integration strategies. As VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal, Richard heads up product, partner, customer, and technical marketing and helps customers see how to transform the way they build software. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog (seroter.wordpress.com) on topics of architecture and solution design and can be found on Twitter as @rseroter.

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