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February 11, 2019 Derrick Harris

The days of IT as the organization that just keeps the lights on are over. Today, technology has an outsized impact on all aspects of many businesses—including the bottom line. Enterprises that can’t keep up with the rampant pace of technological innovation happening around them are enterprises that will wake up one day and realize the competition has left them behind.

However, keeping up with technology is difficult—and it’s only getting more difficult as open source projects proliferate, cloud providers continuously roll out new products, and the next “next big thing” is always on the horizon. The business press can be too high-level to really inform readers about new technologies, and the tech press can be too low-level to adequately address the business implications of new technologies. And how many sites can one person possibly be tasked with tracking?

Pivotal is launching Intersect to help bridge this widening gap between what IT executives need to know and what they can possibly learn while still performing their day jobs. Intersect won’t push Pivotal products (we have another blog dedicated to that) but instead aims to arm you with usable information on the technologies and trends driving digital transformation: cloud computing, cloud-native computing, artificial intelligence, open source software, data management and more.

Intersect will include thought leadership and real-world advice from experienced folks at Pivotal and from across the greater enterprise-technology community. We’re starting small today, with a couple of original pieces and a handful of insightful posts we’ve created elsewhere over the past couple of years. Soon, we’ll be adding easily digestible guides on important technologies (first up: Kubernetes); a weekly newsletter highlighting important events and insights; and we’ll point readers to relevant industry analysis, events and other sources of quality information.

As our audience grows, we’ll look into other avenues to inform it, including podcasts, videos, and perhaps events. Essentially, we want Intersect to be your guide for navigating the always-busy intersection of technology and business, and we want to deliver that service in the formats you want to consume.

The easiest way to keep up is to subscribe to our newsletter (you might need to pause your adblocker first), which will hit your inbox every week and highlight new content on Intersect, as well as news and insights from other sources. Or just bookmark the site or subscribe via RSS to keep up with new content as it hits.

And if you’d like to contribute to Intersect, please email us at intersect@pivotal.ioWe're happy to share valuable experiences, keen insights and smart analysis from different corners of the enterprise IT world.

Thank you, and we hope you find this a valuable resource for mapping your journey across the new world of enterprise IT.

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Derrick Harris

Derrick Harris is a product marketing manager at VMware.

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