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August 18, 2015 Rob Mee

sfeatured-buildWhen we started Pivotal Labs back in 1989, our goal was to give developers the tools to build software more collaboratively and efficiently. We believed that software was the way to make an impact, that it could truly change industries, and the world. We still do, now more than ever.

Over the years we’ve worked with many of the world’s most influential companies, helping them not only build great software, but fundamentally create a culture of innovation. We strongly believe that building better software is just as much about creating a better culture as it is about creating new products. Our customers are not only experiencing a technological transformation, but a cultural transformation as well.

Paul has stated many times that he felt strongly about preserving our name when Pivotal as we now know it was formed a little over two years ago. And while Pivotal goes far beyond the original Pivotal Labs in scope, with our leading Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform and Big Data Suite products, the mission remains the same as the original Labs: to transform how the world builds software.

Entire industries, whether it be automotive, financial services or retail, are being disrupted by software. What started as a trend in early-adopting Silicon Valley startups has taken hold in enterprises globally. There is a new way of doing things and that is what our customers want us to help them discover.

I am honored and excited that Paul and the rest of the Pivotal board of directors have placed their trust and confidence in me to lead Pivotal through its next chapter. Paul has been instrumental in scaling and articulating the vision of Pivotal and we will be forever grateful for his far-sighted leadership – he has left an indelible legacy and will continue to be an invaluable resource as our Executive Chairman. We’ve accomplished much in our short time together and the opportunity that lies ahead is massive.

The opportunity to help our customers change the world is what motivates me and the rest of the company every single day.

About the Author

Rob Mee

Rob Mee is CEO of Pivotal and serves on its Board of Directors. He frequently advises the world's most admired brands, government agencies, and fast-rising startups about the value of agile software development using an open cloud platform.

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