Vodafone Spain to Demo at Mobile World Congress: How Big, Fast Data Will Revolutionize Telco, Powered by Pivotal

February 25, 2014 Paul Davey

featured-big-fast-dataMobile World Congress is one of the largest events in the mobile space. Covering the latest innovations, the theme this year is “Creating What’s Next.” One demo that is sure to impress will be from Vodafone Spain. Their “Big Data, Fast Data” demo uses Pivotal technology under the hood and will illustrate how the telco giant has solved some important issues around data privacy, utilizing a massive stream of information from their own network, in real time, to benefit both their customers and the communities they serve.

The demo, still in pilot stage, fuses the concepts of Big Data and Fast Data, where Big Data helps to discover opportunities to service new areas, and Fast Data capitalizes on the value of opportunities before they are gone. Building on these ideas, Vodafone Spain will highlight the advancements that pave the way for revolutionary new services such as:

  • Improved Network Quality of Service: The carrier can start using real-time maps of congestion over static “last year” maps in order to improve network services in congested areas more quickly.
  • Footfall Analytics: The carrier can create real-time heat maps of where people are, and use them to help evaluate and predict the transit of large groups of people. This could allow municipalities to adapt public transportation to traffic conditions in real-time. It could also help to analyze the use of public services, buildings and tourist attractions to better guide financial, security or expansion decisions, including insight for security and emergency services at events with large crowds like concerts and sporting events.
  • Inventory Systems: Similar to footfall analytics, the carrier can extend the idea to track resources in public buildings such as libraries, museums, and hospitals.
  • Targeted Marketing: Similar to how Google and Facebook already target advertising, the carrier could send users targeted mobile advertisements based on location, generating new revenue streams.

Telcos Eclipsing Internet Giants in Big Data Leadership

Big data has grown exponentially in the past few years, mostly thanks to the big data storage and analysis technologies that have evolved into a cost-effective model based on Hadoop. Companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo! use the open source software to store, analyze, and deliver applications based on massive sets of consumer behavior information like search and location.

However, due to privacy concerns, progress for telecommunications companies to provide similar services has been slow. This is where Vodafone will shine at the show, breaking down those concerns and showing how real-time streams of 4G, 3G, and 2G network information are linked to privacy-protected consumer profiles and routed into analytical models and automated applications.

Powering the Vodafone Innovations

The demo includes technology from three partners, including Pivotal. On the network end, Tekcomms provided tools for improving quality of service. On the back end, Pivotal’s Real Time Intelligence for Telecommunications (RTI 4T) processes network data in real-time, applies rules, and delivers an anonymous data feed.

Pivotal Real-Time Intelligence for Telcos (RTI 4T) ingests, normalizes, and anonymizes millions of events per second from the signal stream in each network, uses stream analytics to cross-reference that information with customer data, and provides an open API for various services to consume.

Find Us at Mobile World Congress 2014

Visit us at the Vodafone stand (Hall 6, 6B30), and see the “Big Data, Fast Data” demonstration that captures 4G, 3G, and 2G data from Vodafone’s network in Spain.

More about the main Pivotal products covered in this article:

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  • Read our Telco 2020 Vision: The 4 Characteristics of Underlying Technologies: Part I and Part II
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