VMware Tanzu Support Community Honored with STAR Award for Innovation and Excellence

September 11, 2020 Karen Lazarou

The VMware Tanzu Support Community and Knowledge Management team is proud to announce that it’s received a STAR Award for outstanding innovation, leadership, and excellence. The awards are administered by the Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA), a leading research and advisory firm. 

With this award, Tanzu Support joins the ranks of other TSIA STAR Award winners, including Dell Technologies, Google Cloud, and Sprinklr. While Pivotal Software, which VMware bought at the end of 2019, is the official recipient of the award due to the timing of its nomination, the same support team and its practices continue on as part of VMware Tanzu. 

This award acknowledges Pivotal Software’s strategic vision, which led it to invest in a new team to direct its Support Community and Knowledge Management program. The team redesigned its existing Support Community site based on a three-click methodology, incorporating federated search and localizing knowledge content to empower customers with a host of much-needed tools. 

The redesign generated significant engagement and business value, including more than 400 new knowledge base articles. Customers realized faster resolution times, a 39 percent reduction in time to resolution, and savings of more than $1 million in service costs. When customers reviewed suggested knowledge assets, they resolved 83 percent of their queries without creating a support ticket. 

Notably, 45 percent of community member queries were answered by other members. Meanwhile, community membership grew by 28 percent over the prior year, with activity among new participants 25 percent higher than overall member activity the year before.

We are tremendously proud of what our team has accomplished. Teams can easily take anywhere from three to five years to reach the point where they can submit an entry; to have won this award within a single year of formation is nearly unheard of. This recognition from TSIA is a testament to the skills, ability, and dedication of the Tanzu Support teams and their business partners.

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