VMware Tanzu Data Services: The Top Choice for App Developers using On-Demand Data Services for Modern Apps

May 22, 2024 Prem Victor

Contributions from, Nimesh Avarsekar, Arnab Chakraborty, Ivan Novick, and Mia Villarreal

This week, we shared our vision for Tanzu Platform as the flagship offering in the Tanzu Portfolio. This unified application development and delivery platform cuts through the complexity of modern app delivery while taking full advantage of its surrounding ecosystem. Four simple commands and abstractions make it easy for app teams to do the right thing: secure by-default builds, easy binding, a single command push to production, and scaling with zero downtime.

The Tanzu Platform also comes pre-packaged with a rich variety of data services that support varied enterprise application workloads needed for data persistence. Tanzu Data Services leveraged through Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry includes Postgres and MySQL for relational databases, RabbitMQ for messaging and streaming, and Redis for caching. Tanzu Data Services also offers Gemfire, an advanced real time in memory grid technology. 

Tanzu Data Services are natively built into the Cloud Foundry platform enabling a seamless experience for developers and platform operators.  The native data service experience makes 

Tanzu Data Services the #1 choice for application developers seeking easy-to-use, on-demand data services for modern applications. With guaranteed Day 0 compatibility for the latest Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry versions, our data services are secure by default, easy to set up and manage and include data protection and monitoring capabilities for enterprise needs. 

Recent new product releases of Tanzu Data Services include the following new capabilities:

Enhanced Backup and Restore capabilities in MySQL and Postgres including developer and platform operator initiated backup and restore workflows and improved performance via reduced persistent disk usage.

Disaster Recovery solutions are provided for all data services natively.  RabbitMQ and Redis newly introduced enhanced replication solutions to provide disaster recovery capabilities complementing the solutions already available on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Gemfire.

Security enhancement via TLS support for highly available Redis, MySQL and Postgres instances.  With Service Bindings, applications talk to data services via encrypted channels using TLS protocol.  Any intra cluster traffic for replication is also over encrypted channels.

VectorDB support in Gemfire and PostgreSQL was introduced to support Generative AI applications using vector stores.

We are confident that the latest enhancements to Tanzu Data Services will significantly improve the comprehensive suite of capabilities our customers rely on for running mission-critical applications on Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry. These advancements reflect our commitment to not only meet but exceed the high expectations our community has for us while fostering a stronger, more innovative ecosystem. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs dedicated to these new data service offerings on Tanzu Platform for Cloud Foundry. Learn more about Tanzu Data Services here.

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