VMware Tanzu Build Service 1.3 Is Now Available

October 11, 2021 Beena More

To help more customers ease their migration to VMware Tanzu Build Service, today we’re excited to announce the general availability of version 1.3 and, with it, “bring your own UBI base OS image” capabilities. At the start of this year, we enabled our customers to bring their own customized base OS images based on Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) to Tanzu Build Service container builds with the 1.1 version

When it comes to the base OS images used for container builds, we adhere to the third factor of The Twelve-Factor App methodology, “config.” By enforcing a strict separation of config from code, Tanzu Build Service enables platform operators like you to centrally manage all the base OS images used to build containers across a fleet. This enables automation of the operational toil associated with building and managing containers at scale. If you apply a security patch or other change to the base OS, all the containers are automatically rebuilt on the updated base OS. 

Let’s dive straight into the release details.

Introducing "bring your own UBI base OS image"

With the 1.3 release, we are extending the ability of customers like you to bring their own base OS image to include Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI 7 and UBI 8). With this, Tanzu Build Service customers can now seamlessly integrate or migrate over to Tanzu Build Service without worrying about their existing investments in UBI base OS images. This benefits customers looking for a frictionless migration to Tanzu Build Service from any Dockerfile-based container build system or Red Hat OpenShift source-to-image. It's also beneficial for OpenShift container platform users who are committed to UBI base OS images but want to take advantage of the buildpack technology for their container build workflow. 

This is in addition to two options customers currently have to build containers: atop VMware-curated OS images and atop customers’ own Bionic Beaver base OS images. Here’s a quick recap:

Build containers atop VMware Tanzu–curated base OS images

Don’t want to go through the hassle of keeping your base OS images up to date in light of all the latest common vulnerabilities and exposures? Then choose from one of ours. VMware Tanzu provides an ecosystem of curated base OS images for use with Tanzu Build Service that are continuously patched with security vulnerability updates. 

Build containers atop your own Bionic Beaver base OS image

Tanzu Build Service also allows customers to plug in their own customized base OS images. With the 1.1 release, customers were able to bring their own Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver image, which has proven to be popular with those that have established CI pipelines. In addition, customers can also add libraries and customize the curated base OS images (Bionic Beaver support only).

Take the next step

Ready to start building containers? Download an evaluation copy of Tanzu Build Service. Want to dive into the release a bit more? Check out the links below to get up to speed on the newest capabilities.

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