VMware Application Catalog Now Supports Red Hat Universal Base Images

November 15, 2022 Xoan Gonzalez

VMware Application Catalog (formerly Tanzu Application Catalog) is a catalog of trusted, continuously updated, scanned, and verified open source images, custom-built to enterprise specifications, and privately delivered directly to a customer’s registry of choice. Its aim is to make the lives of developers and operators easier by enabling them to focus on innovation, while taking care of all tedious Day 0 tasks involved in working with open source software (OSS) applications.

We have always remained committed to maintaining the VMware Application Catalog as a truly platform-agnostic offering by being a product that can augment developers’ capabilities, rather than trying to force-fit them within our product’s boundaries. So we have been trying to support customers with as many options as possible, be it form factors, base operating system (OS) images, registries, or deployment platforms. To that end, we have recently announced continuous validation of our Helm charts on Red Hat OpenShift, extended base OS support, and the addition of Amazon Elastic Container Registry to our list of supported registries.

Now, to better serve the needs of many enterprises that work with the Red Hat ecosystem, we are happy to announce the incorporation of Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) as one of the base OSes with out-of-the-box support. Users will now get to choose Red Hat UBI versions 8 and 9 as their base OS, in addition to the already-supported CentOS, Debian, Photon OS, and Ubuntu. Users can now build any container in our catalog (e.g., PostgreSQL, Kafka, Redis, etc.) on top of the VMware-provided Red Hat UBI, or they can leverage their own Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription with a custom base image, as needed. Please go through the "Create custom catalogs" section in VMware Application Catalog Documentation to learn more about how you can create a custom catalog using Red Hat UBI and the other base OS options VMware Application Catalog offers.

To understand how you and your organization can benefit from a trusted source of curated OSS content, check out the resources available on our website. If you're interested in trying out the product, reach out to us and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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