VMware Announces PKS Partner Application Program

May 21, 2019 Xiao Gao

Today, we are proud to announce that the VMware PKS Partner Application Program is available to current and future VMware software partners. The VMware PKS Partner Application Program helps application software vendors that fully support their products on VMware Enterprise PKS qualify for the "Partner Ready – VMware PKS" logo, which visibly demonstrates confidence and simplifies architecture decisions for customers using VMware Enterprise PKS.

VMware Enterprise PKS (co-developed by VMware and Pivotal) is a turnkey solution for enterprises and service providers that includes VMware NSX-T for networking and security. VMware Enterprise PKS offers organizations a production-grade Kubernetes-based container platform that is globally supported on VMware vSphere and leading public clouds.

The VMware PKS Partner Application Program is open to all vendors in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. If you are not currently in the TAP program, you can apply here. A customer support statement for the partner application is also required.

Upon approval by VMware, qualified partners receive program access for free validation of their software on a VMware Enterprise PKS environment. Partners are then required follow the validation guide to set up, deploy, and run tests using the partner application on top of a Kubernetes cluster deployed by VMware Enterprise PKS. Validation tests the packaging, conformance, lifecycle management, resiliency and other aspects of the application with VMware Enterprise PKS. Once the validation is determined to be successful, the application will be listed on the VMware Solution Exchange with the Partner Ready VMware PKS logo.

This new VMware PKS Partner Application Program is designed to help VMware ISV partners extend their application their application support matrix with enterprise Kubernetes solutions from VMware. The Partner Ready status enables partners to:

  • Identify and unlock Kubernetes opportunities through VMware Solution Exchange
  • Differentiate and solidify their trusted adviser status in front of customers with the use of the "Partner Ready - VMware PKS" logo in their material

Our mutual customers ultimately benefit from the program:

  • Assurance that partner applications have been validated on VMware Enterprise PKS
  • Customer support path leading to VMware through the partner

“Customers choose VMware Enterprise PKS because they want the flexibility to run Kubernetes everywhere. They also want assurance that complementary solutions are validated to work well with VMware Enterprise PKS,” said Scott Buchanan, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Cloud Native Apps at VMware. “Completing the VMware PKS Partner Application Program provides our mutual customers with that confidence and value.”

For the past several months, VMware and Pivotal have been working closely with ISV partners on developing this program, and they are excited at the opportunities that the VMware PKS Partner Application Program has to offer:

"VMware and CloudBees share the same vision of helping enterprises run cloud native apps on Kubernetes everywhere. VMware Enterprise PKS is based on an architecture built for stability, scalability, and performance. By completing VMware PKS Partner Application Program, our customers can deliver software faster and more reliably using CloudBees Core to manage end to end software delivery pipeline on the trusted VMware Enterprise PKS platform,” said Jason Mero, Vice President, Business Development & Technical Alliances, CloudBees

"We are thrilled to extend Aqua’s full-lifecycle security controls to VMware Enterprise PKS. We’ve seen a great deal of enthusiasm by our customers to adopt VMware’s fully supported Kubernetes distribution, and we are excited to be one of the very first to have certified our cloud native security platform as Partner Ready for VMware Enterprise PKS,” said Upesh Patel, Vice President of Business Development, Aqua Security

“The VMware PKS Partner Application Program allows Crunchy Data to showcase Crunchy PostgreSQL for Kubernetes, an open source PostgreSQL-as-a-Service platform, on top of the VMware Enterprise PKS offering. This validation helps organizations to leverage Crunchy Data's expertise in secure, highly available PostgreSQL deployments while benefitting from the trusted VMware Enterprise PKS platform,” said Robert Bates, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Crunchy Data.

“Greenplum’s largest users deploy many use-case specific databases for analytics at scale. By completing the VMware PKS Partner Application Program validation, now we can support these ‘as a service’ scenarios including the full lifecycle of sandboxes, development and testing environments, in addition to production systems on the trusted VMware Enterprise PKS platform,” said Jacque Istok, Vice President Data, Greenplum.

By launching the VMware PKS Partner Application Program, VMware is providing our partner community with the capabilities to showcase ISV partner software through the VMware Solution Exchange. This program enables partners to help customers run cloud native applications everywhere while increasing new business opportunities on the trusted VMware Enterprise PKS platform.

To learn more about the program, see the following resources:

About the Author

Xiao Hu Gao is a Technical Marketing Manager at VMware CNABU. He enjoys speaking to customers and partners about the benefits of running Kubernetes on top of VMware technologies. Xiao has a background in DevOps, Data Center Design, and Software Defined Networking. Xiao is CCIE (Emeritus) and holds few patents in the areas of Security and Cloud.

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