Predicts 2013’s Hot Data Visualization Trends

February 7, 2013 Paul M. Davis

Infographic by Mike Jeter, I Shot Him.

Data visualizations and infographics are proliferating on the web. This is thanks to the form’s ability to communicate complex ideas and large data sets in compelling and effective ways, and its great potential for creativity and innovation. That said, trends in the space are fast-moving, and as always, innovative visualization techniques are only successful so long as they communicate the data-driven insights effectively and accurately. Last weekend, data visualization social network hosted a Meetup in San Francisco, offering a glimpse at the emerging trends and best practices for 2013.

“Code artist” and Design Professor Scott Murray and Mike Jeter of creative studio I Shot Him delivered presentations on process and practice to the nearly 100 data visualization practitioners and enthusiasts in attendance. Murray focused on issues related to process, encouraging an ongoing conversation in the space about balancing aesthetic flair and effective communication. Jeter focused on the form’s potential to reach broad audiences, and best practices for reaching those audiences. He emphasized that visualizations must tell a compelling story, be easily shared on social media, and spoke of their role as a powerful tool to explain the causes and effects of complex social issues.

Read more takeaways from the event and watch Murray’s presentation at the blog.

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