VIGGLE: Loyalty With Rewards For Watching TV

June 27, 2012 Pivotal Labs

Think back to your childhood. Remember when your parents would reward you for cleaning your room, or helping out with household chores? But if you were watching TV, you’d likely be told to stop. Well you’re all grown up now, and times have changed. With Viggle for the iPhone, there’s a new way to earn rewards for watching TV!

Viggle is a loyalty program for television that gives people great rewards for checking in to the television shows they’re watching.

Check In

This app allows users to check into their favourite TV shows through the use of audio scrobbling. Each check in earns users reward points that can be redeemed for some of the coolest reward prizes offered by any app. Viewers trade in their points and choose from a variety of items and gift cards from places like BestBuy, Fandango, Burger King, Old Navy, Starbucks and a many more. Users redeem points right from inside the app, making the experience convenient, easy, and fun.

So, what is this Audio Scrobbling, anyway?

Audio Scrobbling

is an audio verification fingerprint tool. It’s used on the app to check into a television show that users are watching by taking an audio clip sample to verify the show’s authenticity.

The Audio scrobbling tool was the brainchild of Viggle and was the basis for creating the app from a development standpoint. Using the scrobbling tool, Xtreme Labs developed the Viggle app with the Viggle engineering team.

Key App Highlights:

What’s On

•Viggle lets users know which shows have check-in bonuses

Viggle Live

•Take real-time quizzes and play games from inside the app while watching your favourite shows to earn more rewards points


•Users can choose rewards right inside the app on their iPhone, or the website. From iPods to Starbucks cards, these are the rewards you want!

Latest on Twitter

•Users see an aggregated list of all relevant Twitter conversations about their favourite TV shows and can post their own comments from within the app

App Notifications

•Set reminders for yourself so you never miss a chance to check into shows to earn points

As a ground-zero startup, Function(x) came to Xtreme Labs to help them develop its idea for this amazing app. Through iteration and team work Xtreme Labs was able to help Function(x) realize its dream which is now Viggle. From idea inception to app launch to market, Xtreme Labs and Function(x) have formed a strategic partnership and continue to work together to develop its mobile strategy.

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