Using the Boogie Board Sync 9.7

February 21, 2014 Rasheed Abdul-Aziz

I just got my hands on a Boogie Board Sync 9.7. I asked our IT department if we could evaluate one because I am so frustrated with index cards. My handwriting is, at best, atrocious. I was born with a silver keyboard in hand. Index cards are too small, and I’m too inclined to lose the ones that matter. They’re also useless for writing diagrams on.

So I was hoping the Boogie Board Sync ($80 USD on Amazon) might save me.

Boogie Board Sync

Boogie Board Sync


  • Easy to write on. My handwriting is legible!
  • Save and erase are simple
  • Stylus is comfortable
  • Can act as an ordinary mouse! (when wired, not on BT)
  • BT sync with phone or Laptop
  • Super Light and portable.


  • Difficult to read (contrast is poor)
  • Save is a little slow
  • Sync to PC/Phone is very slow.
  • No Google Drive support on Mobile
  • No API
  • Perfect for sketching presentations, but lacks decent tool support


I’m in love. This tool is great! You can use it as a mouse input for simple tablet style navigation on your computer, or you can use the built in whiteboard app to sketch on a projector/whiteboard without leaving your seat. You can pass the surface around, and it feel solid and is a breeze to write on.

To give it a solid test drive, I threw together a quick presentation on diagramming:

Presenting BB Sync 9.7 PDF

It took me more time to work out how to make it into something for you to look at than it took for me to produce the content. I would really like a simple API for working with the device, and a decent presentation tool that integrates tightly with it.

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