Using Jasmine on tddium

November 27, 2012 Robbie Clutton

With thanks to Ben we discovered a nice way to get Jasmine tests to work on Tddium today. We had a number of issues with the jasmine-headless-webkit dependency Tddium said we had to use. Issues around requiring a file that required erb to compile; not finding the source files; getting to work in the browser but not the command line and maybe a few others.

Ben pointed out some undocumented configuration for Tddium which outlined ‘custom’ build steps wherein you could call the jasmine:ci rake task. This cleared everything up. Although I’m not sure how as Tddium said it could only cope with a headless browser environment.

Here’s the gist I hope it saves you as much time as it did me.

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Robbie Clutton

Robbie Clutton is the Head of Pivotal Labs in EMEA.

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