Tweed and Paid Palm Pre Apps

September 22, 2009 Christian Sepulveda

In the past, we’ve been asked if we planned to charge for Tweed. Until recently, we hadn’t made a decision. Tweed began as an application we developed to learn Palm webOS, and it grew into something we started to depend on, so we decided to release it to the App Catalog.

At this point, Tweed has a thriving user base and continues to grow in its maturity and capabilities. However, this does come with considerable costs to Pivotal Labs and we can’t indefinitely subsidize the entire cost of development. So, we’ve decided to make Tweed a paid application in the App Catalog.

We are committed to continuing to develop and support Tweed. Charging for it will let us keep bringing you new features, like the ones in the 1.0 release.

Existing Tweed users can continue to use the current version, (0.9.16) and you can still grab a copy until the paid apps are available; it will not timebomb and we’re happy for you to keep using it. However, it will be removed from the App Catalog when the paid version replaces it. Hopefully you’ll find the new features compelling enough to upgrade. (Unfortunately it will install as a new application, so you will have to re-enter your accounts and you will lose existing timeline markers and bookmarks. Sorry, this is a consequence of the new App Catalog and we have no influence over this.)

For Canadian users, Tweed will continue to be free until Palm launches a commerce enabled App Catalog in Canada. (This will be true for new Palm Pre markets as well.)


There will be a variety of new features available in the initial 1.0.0 release of the paid application.

  • true, direct photo upload (no more email)
    • TwitPic, TwitGoo, TweetPhoto, yFrog, Posterous
  • new notifications dashboards
  • full-screen view of user profile image (tap user picture on user profile scene)
  • preference for number of tweets on fetch
  • ability to change password
  • show number of tweets in user profile
  • direct messages can include photos




While we have lots planned for Tweed, some items of note include:

  • themes
  • landscape support
  • / url shorteners
  • Flickr upload support
  • more…


Tweed will normally cost $3.99. However, for the next few weeks, to help ease the transition, we will offer Tweed for the discounted price of $1.99.

We thank you all of using Tweed. While we know some of you will be disappointed that Tweed will be a paid-only application, we hope you will enjoy the new Tweed.

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