Tweed 1.7: Geotagging and more…

May 13, 2010 Christian Sepulveda

Version 1.6 has been submitted and should be in the App Catalog soon.


  • Character counter didn’t work if “Post on Enter” was enabled
  • Couldn’t post a photo tweet without text

Features and Changes

  • geo tagging of tweets
  • configurable notification sound
  • (hopefully) improved German translation
  • Copy Tweet has been added to popup menu
  • preference to enable/disable metatap copy for tweets
  • Email / SMS / IM tweets

Geo Tagging

  • preference to enable geo tagging
  • tweets will include location/geo tag metadata if Tweed preference is enabled and Twitter setting for adding location is enabled
  • Tweets with geo tags will display link to location (in popup menu and in tweet)

Popup menu

Our poll results for changing the popup menu resulted in 46% for A, 54% for B. Only about 100 people responded. So while B won by a small majority, we’ve implemented option A, as that was the smallest change to Tweed and we felt the least disruptive to the larger Tweed userbase.

We may change this based on feedback.


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