Tracker Ecosystem: – Translating Designerese into Developerish

November 26, 2012 Ronan Dunlop

It’s not that designers and developers don’t or can’t get along. What the team at Redline realized is that they speak a different language. So to facilitate the communication between these two life forms they created this tool

It’s simple to set up, simple to use and simple to incorporate into your Pivotal Tracker account – what else could you ask for? is in beta – so cut them some slack (not that there’s anything to gripe about) and ask the designers you work with to give them try.

Using Jasmine on tddium
Using Jasmine on tddium

With thanks to Ben we discovered a nice way to get Jasmine tests to work on Tddium today. We had a number o...

The Journey to Using a Standing Desk
The Journey to Using a Standing Desk

Why a standing desk? Ultimately the goal is to go to a treadmill desk (for reasons outlined here), but bef...

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