Tracker Ecosystem News: Pivotal Booster

February 14, 2012 Ronan Dunlop

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Tracker Team!

In the spirit of this pop-western-religious-hallmark-day we’re going to indulge in a public display of beta affection.

Pivotal Booster, from our friends at the Railsware Company, is a beautiful OS X client. It’s free, it’s in beta, it’s easy to install and if you’re a mac user there’s no reason not to get it.

Two features we’d like to call out that make this a must have:
1) My Stories View… across all projects. Very handy… we like it.
2) Toggle between stories assigned to me and stories requested by me. Great for the coder… and the manager too.

Railsware promises even more functionality in the next month or two. Here’s a sneak peek we’ve obtained exclusively for the Tracker faithful.

Stay tuned to this blog – We’ll be highlighting more apps from the Tracker ecosystem in the near future.

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