This Month in Spring - July 2020

July 22, 2020 Josh Long

Hi, Spring fans! 2020, eh? It's easy to complain, and goodness knows I certainly do my fair share, but - as my dad always said, "any day on this side of the dirt is a good day," and I try to remember that. There's a lot to be enthusiastic about if you like. I always look. That's what this roundup is all about. It's a fount of the fun, fantastic, production-powered, and boundless beauty of all things Spring Boot. And, while I still can't quite believe we're already into the second half of 2020, I am very excited for the upcoming, now all-virtual, free, SpringOne 2020 event! I'll be speaking about Microsoft Azure with my pal Julien Dubois, and I'll be talking about testing with my pal Mario Gray. Join us, and the rest of the Tanzu and Tanzu community, for this extra special, extra dense journey into the wilds of Springdom.

In the meantime, I've been trying to keep busy, too!

I finally, finally, put some elbow grease into automating a listing of some my activity and so now whenever I publish a new Spring Tips video, a new A Bootiful Podcast podcast, or commit to a new public appearance, I'll have information here on my public activity feed page. The appearances that are there right now don't represent all my upcoming appearances or even all my public appearances, which you are free to attend, they're only the ones I've polished off for presentation on this site.

I am hard at work on the RSocket chapter of my new book Reactive Spring. RSocket is amazing, and I'm so very intrigued with it, and it has permeated so much of Spring itself. There's fantastic support in the core Spring Framework. There's terrific support in Spring Boot, Spring Security, and Spring Integration, too. There's also work being done in Spring Cloud. (Stay tuned!) I have even built a (still very experimental!) project that gives you a Retrofit- or OpenFeign-like experience for RPC using Spring's support for RSocket. I hope you'll give it a shot and file issues, send feedback, tweet me, etc., so that we can validate that there's an appetite for it.

While we're on the topic of validating our understanding, the Spring team at large would love your help. Would you please take this survey and help us learn where you stand?

And, of course, there's a ton of stuff to tide us up as we lead into SpringOne. Let's get to it!

About the Author

Josh Long (@starbuxman) is a Spring Developer Advocate at VMware. Josh is a Java Champion, a Google Developer Expert for Kotlin, author of six books (including O'Reilly's "Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry") and the just released "Reactive Spring" (, six best-selling Livelessons video trainings (including "Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons" with Phil Webb and "Spring Security Livelessons" with Rob Winch, and "Cloud Foundry Livelessons" with Josh McKenty), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti and Vaadin). Josh also has a podcast, "A Bootiful Podcast," and does a series of screencasts, "Spring Tips", on YouTube ( Josh routinely blogs on the Spring blog (

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