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November 12, 2013 James Watters

featured-cf-genericSince the formation of Pivotal as an independent company the Cloud Foundry open source ecosystem has progressed from a promising collection of early movers to the dominant pattern for enterprise PaaS.

Tomorrow, to celebrate the GA launch of Pivotal CF, our enterprise PaaS powered by Cloud Foundry, we are sponsoring a broad swath of Internet and print advertising to spread awareness of the project and the change it will bring to how enterprises build and deliver software. The marquee advertisement will be a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal, supported by some of the leading companies in the world.

We welcome the support of industry leading companies, such as IBM, Intel, NTT, SAP and Verizon in building the leading open PaaS, as well as the support of the over 750 individual contributors who have contributed to Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry is not about any one company or individual group of people. It’s about scaling a community and providing a channel for broad industry participation in shaping the Platform for the cloud era. And that’s why we’re celebrating. We hope you’ll join us.

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James Watters

James Watters is the Senior Vice President, Strategy of Pivotal. James serves as our Senior Vice President, Strategy, where he has helped shepherd Pivotal Cloud Foundry into a highly disruptive enterprise software business, and helped led our efforts to bringing our cloud-native platform to the world. Prior to joining Pivotal, James held leading product roles at VMware and Sun Microsystems.

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