The Platform Evolves: Day 2 at SpringOne Platform 2017

December 5, 2017 Pivotal Software

The second day of SpringOne Platform kicked off with Rob Mee introducing Onsi Fakhouri, Pivotal’s Senior Vice President of R&D for Cloud, who presented the next phase of Pivotal’s flagship product Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Onsi’s trademark style is like “Pixar for devs,” which is really appropriate considering the crux of Pivotal’s story is figuring out all the ways we can help teams build software that people love. This latest iteration of the Fortune 100’s favorite cloud-native platform aims to increase developer productivity and operational efficiency, as well as provide comprehensive security and high availability for the entire enterprise.

This first day of main stage presentations continued showing off the constantly expanding universe that is the Pivotal community. We got a technical treat from member of the “Gang of Four” Erich Gamma, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, who demoed a Spring Boot app built in Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code Then attendees got a rollicking update on the state of the Spring Framework from Phillip Webb, who reminded us that software, like all of us, is not only mortal but also capable of adaptation.

We got two incredible stories of transformation: one from Ranji Narine, VP of Product Engineering at Scotiabank, who described the bank’s public cloud strategy, and another from John Heveran, SVP & CIO of Commercial Insurance at Liberty Mutual, who told us how he leads a team of over 1,500 technologists at a Fortune 100 company and how they were prompted to change. A final main stage session from Simon Wardley explained his incredible mapping activity—which applies the use of topographical intelligence in business strategy—to drive home the point that we should “use maps, not magic frameworks” when building anything.


Here are some more highlights from Day 2:

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