The Pivotal People Changing the Way We Live

April 25, 2013 Paul M. Davis

A paradigm shift is underway, as real-time data, rich analytics, and robust cloud applications converge. This shift is catalyzed by a new generation of innovators, armed with code, data, and a belief that there is a better way. Among their ranks are engineers and data scientists within Pivotal, who are members of a larger community of innovators, thought leaders, and problem solvers.


These people have inspired Pivotal to conceive what can be achieved with an open, consumer-grade enterprise platform. They include open source coders, opinionated and agile software development teams, and data scientists cracking the code on problems ranging from network security to genomics. Working within startups, government, the sciences, social organizations, the enterprise, and far beyond, these “Pivotal People” are building the digital experiences that will change the way we live, work and play.

Among these people are Pivotal employee Salvatore Sanfilippo, who started the open source data structure server Redis. Driven by the belief that Redis should be “optimized for joy,” Sanfilippo created an elegant solution to improve performance in tough big data use cases. They include James Watters, the leader of Cloud Foundry, an open source project that disrupts proprietary infrastructures through cloud independence. Or take Mia Levy and William Pao, who are accelerating the pace of cancer research by crowdsourcing genomic data from clinicians and patients.

This is only a small sample of the change-makers who are leveraging code, data, and the cloud to solve significant problems. You’ll find them reimagining how we interact with data and the cloud, turning biochemical research into a competitive game, building mobile apps to help people emerge from the effects of the recession, and using data and code to address the health and education needs of communities in the developing world.

Learn more about the Pivotal People who inspire us here.

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