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April 11, 2012 Mark Lucovsky

featured-cf-genericWhen we launched Cloud Foundry last year we started with an inefficient open source process based on a complex dual repo structure. The workflow was cumbersome for us to maintain, and at times frustrating for you to consume.

Today we are launching a new OSS contribution process based on a fully integrated Gerrit/Jenkins/GitHub workflow. In this workflow, Cloud Foundry contributors send their commits to a public Gerrit server. When a commit occurs, the Jenkins CI system will run various tests. If the tests succeed, the commit is marked as “Verified”.

The code review system allows developers to discuss and iterate on changes. Anyone can comment and vote +1 or -1 for a change, while committers can vote +2 (i.e. approve a change). Once the +2 has been issued and the change has been verified the contributor is free to submit the change.

The following diagram illustrates this workflow:

This new code review process is similar to that used by projects such as Android and OpenStack. Cloud Foundry development will occur in the open and the entire community will have visibility into the project’s progress.

Documentation on how to contribute to Cloud Foundry open source is available at

We are looking forward to working with the open source community using this new process. Thank you all for your interest in and support for Cloud Foundry.

Thanks, Mark Lucovsky, VP of Engineering

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