The Contagious Platform - Cerner

December 8, 2017 Steve Casale

A healthcare IT team goes cloud-native.

At the intersection of healthcare and technology sit companies like Cerner, which tackles hard problems around electronic health records, takes on an opioid epidemic with predictive analytics, and generally makes healthcare easier for customers. Digital is not only expected in healthcare today, but increasingly regulated into process and artifacts. Software has thus become a central strategy for the 40-year old company to deliver faster, and to make life easier for providers and patients alike.

“Automation in itself is helping us with consistency, and to go faster; it’s like we have an additional set of of hands helping us do things.”
— Rob Rose

Ciara and Jeff sit in with Rob Rose (Cerner’s lead architect), who explains how a few critical outages prompted Cerner to explore open source and cloud services. Rob’s small team moved and automated a number of operations onto Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and utilized Concourse for CI/CD pipelines to create required artifacts, while sustaining velocity. They accelerated deployments, staying within strict compliance standards. As his team adopted agile methods, they created a new challenge for the broader organization: keeping up with the enthusiasm and velocity of their developers.

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