The business of modern software: The best of Cloud Native in 15 Minutes

January 13, 2020 Derrick Harris

Back in June, we launched the Cloud Native in 15 Minutes podcast to help listeners get up to speed on some of the hottest—and soon to be most important—technologies in enterprise IT. Guests have included the creators of technologies such as Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, and MongoDB, as well as experts in the worlds of open source, artificial intelligence, and enterprise startups. Now, we're sharing some of the highlights of our first 6 months.

The first best-of episode focused on the technologies that make cloud-native computing and modern architectures happen. This second best-of episode focuses on the business implications and strategies of going cloud-native, ranging from how to think about artificial intelligence to how to engage with startups selling enterprise software. It features excerpts of interviews with:

New episodes will be coming soon, so keep listening.

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Derrick Harris is a product marketing manager at VMware.

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