Teach Rails, Save the World

March 8, 2010 Sean Beckett

Health Systems 20/20, a United States Agency for International Development (USAID) project, is looking for a partner to help train local programmers in Rwanda on Ruby on Rails and aid in the development of an innovative website to help the Ministry of Health in Rwanda better manage the health system, particularly to improve their budgeting and planning processes. The website will aid donors and NGOs in entering budget, expenditure, and results/outcome indicators, and help policy makers analyze this information for use as a part of their planning process.

Bringing all this information together and using it to inform decision-making will be quite innovative and has great potential to improve the lives of over 9 million Rwandans. If successful, this system could be used as a model in Africa, for bringing useful information together to make better health policy and making this kind of information more publicly available. The system will be fully open source.

USAID is aiming to have the training start sometime in the next 6 weeks and imagine it lasting 1-2 weeks. Work after that can be remote and will be in collaboration with local programmers. A first version of the system will be developed and deployed for data collection for a July-August 2010 timeframe. HS2020’s technical architect will work with you as well in country during the training and will assist with development.

Please contact Gregory Nelson (gregory_nelson@abtassoc.com) for more information and provide general cost information if you are interested.

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