TaskRabbit looking for early stage Rails Developer in San Francisco

July 8, 2010 Sean Beckett

At Pivotal Labs, one of the services we provide our clients is helping them interview and hire. Pivotal Labs and our clients place a strong emphasis on Agile development and its many aspects: Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, rapid iterations, and frequent refactoring.

TaskRabbit, based in San Francisco, is looking for a Rails Developer to double their development team. The full job posting follows.

Are you looking for an experience beyond the normal 9 to 5? Do you want to collaborate with a fun team working on the latest technology? Or maybe you just have too much dry cleaning. Come and join TaskRabbit, where the driving vision is to change the way people get every day tasks done.

<techstuff>We are built with Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and HTML with a sprinkle of jQuery (for added hotness). We’re deploying to EC2 using Capistrano and Bundler and run delayed_job to get stuff done. Our controllers lean on inherited_resources, authlogic, and declarative_authorization. Most of the code is in the models. We have great test coverage in Cucumber and RSpec.</techstuff>

Not used that stuff before, but ready to dive in? Perfect, too. You would be the second full-time engineer on the team and would be working with some passionate, smart, and savvy entrepreneurs who like to work hard, play hard, get home for dinner, and then maybe code a little bit more.

At TaskRabbit, we are creating innovative and impactful web and mobile features through the melding of social graph analysis, high-quality user experience, and analytics-driven optimization. We err on the side of execution over strategy, following the numbers and our guts to get stuff in front of our customers to see what they think. If you can do that in a solid way, you will be a real owner in TaskRabbit’s future and contribute at a highly impactful level.

We are currently working out of Dogpatch Labs at Pier 38, an awesome environment with a lot of other cool startups and entrepreneurs. We are also kicking off an exciting summer project with Pivotal Labs. This is an amazing opportunity to work with the experts in the Ruby on Rails development space.

Did we mention the PERKS?

  • Cash comp will be balanced with high equity – we’re willing to reward and invest in the best talent
  • MacBook Pro and any/all resources you need to produce great work
  • FREE Tasks done by TaskRabbit Runners – seriously, we have a built-in personal concierge force 24×7 you can make use of.
  • Work directly alongside the smartest team of entrepreneurs, advisers, and investors you have ever met.

About TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a social networking inspired web and mobile platform, creating a marketplace where a community can connect to get everyday tasks done. Our driving vision is to create a community of solutions, leveraging a people cloud, and providing a standard for a new industry we are calling Service Networking.

We won placement in the Facebook Fund incubator program, called fbFund REV, which brought us to the Bay Area for 12 weeks over the summer of 2009. We are backed by savvy and experienced investors including, FLOODGATE FUND (Maples Investments) and Baseline Ventures. We are supported by amazing advisers such as Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week), Shervin Pishevar (SGN), and Scott Griffith (Zipcar).

You will work with a dynamic, fast-moving team who are creative, entrepreneurial, hard-working and focused on excelling in everything we do.

Interested? Please email careers@taskrabbit.com with your resume and cover letter.

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