Celebrating VMware Tanzu’s Momentous Year, and a Look at What’s Ahead

January 13, 2021 VMware Tanzu

App modernization has played an outsize role in many organizations’ digital transformation journeys throughout 2020. In fact, 70 percent of IT leaders indicated that they’ve prioritized app modernization efforts because of the pandemic, according to a September 2020 thought leadership paper commissioned by VMware in which Forrester Consulting surveyed more than 200 global enterprise CIOs and SVPs of IT. Faced with the demands of enabling remote workforces and maintaining reliable uptime, the need for modern, cloud native applications came to the forefront. 

Against this backdrop, VMware Tanzu has hit several milestones, simplifying a complex ecosystem of technologies that underpin app modernization. In 12 months, we’ve seen strong customer traction, with the Tanzu customer count growing over 25 percent year over year, including the addition of organizations such as Dish and the United States Space Force. We’ve forged technology and services partnerships to deliver customer impact, both on-premises and in the cloud, while expanding our Master Services Competency—ensuring future customers derive value from the Tanzu portfolio.  

Tanzu is helping organizations progress along their entire app modernization journey, across infrastructure and applications. Now, a year into its existence, VMware Tanzu is announcing:

And if you want to learn more about Tanzu overall—who we are, what our customers have achieved, and how we approach modernization—we’ve also launched a new site to tell the Tanzu story and share some valuable resources. Explore the Road to Modern Apps here.

Happy birthday Tanzu!

We’re excited about the rapid evolution and simplification of VMware Tanzu over the past year, and motivated by the impact we’re having on customers by catalyzing the transformations described above. Ultimately, these various milestones showcase just how far Tanzu has come in the last year. But we’re even more excited about what the future holds. In the year ahead, the Tanzu portfolio will help our customers transform their data centers, embrace DevSecOps, and adopt modern app patterns. 

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