Statica Now Available in the Pivotal Web Services Marketplace

February 10, 2015 Eli Aleyner


As more and more companies migrate applications from their internal data centres to the cloud, developers are being presented with some difficult challenges integrating the old with the new—the public and private clouds.

One such challenge is integrating a cloud application with an internal service protected by a corporate firewall. Pivotal Web Services (PWS) makes deployment and scaling your application a one command operation. However, the IP addresses for your application can be very fluid and change at any moment. Good for the developer but not good for the network engineer who only wants to allow a few known, good IP addresses through their corporate firewall.

A Pivotal Labs team building an internal directory application recently had this very problem and had to find creative solutions to be able to connect from a PWS hosted application to an internal Pivotal Active Directory resource. The solution required the creation of a dedicated virtual server that could act as a middleman for the PWS traffic. Developers are now forced to maintain that server, ensure its fault tolerance and availability, and all the other issues that come with server ownership – exactly the issues that PWS normally solves for them.

A new PWS partner, Statica now solves this problem with an easy-to-use, elegant solution, allowing developers to get back to developing. The solution provides a managed proxy service that will route any application traffic via a Static IP address, and it takes just a few lines of code to integrate it:

proxyUrl = JSON.parse(ENV['VCAP_SERVICES']['statica'][0]['credentials']['STATICA_URL'])
RestClient.proxy = proxyURL
res = RestClient.get("")

Statica provides two static IPs (load balanced for redundancy) to your application. This allows you to proxy your requests and easily communicate with resources protected by IP filtering & Firewalls. A live dashboard allows you to monitor your traffic and dig in to your logs when needed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.14.07 PM

Tim Williams, CEO of Teachmatic, the company behind Statica, explained, “Our customers use Statica for two use-cases: 1. To connect from a PWS hosted applications to a firewall protected resource and 2. To connect to an API or a database protected with IP filtering. By offering both an HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy, Statica can handle anything from HTTP calls, LDAP lookups, FTP transfers, database calls or any other TCP traffic unique to your application.”

Teachmatic, a UK based Software as a Service (SaaS) startup, have offered static IP proxies since 2013 and currently process over 1 million requests a day via cloud data centres in the USA, Brazil, Ireland and Amsterdam.

Being available in the PWS marketplace is a big milestone for Statica, as it exposes their service to a large number of enterprise customers who are building their applications with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

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