Start Your Own Lunchtime Drawtime

June 20, 2013 Cameron Cundiff

Lunchtime Drawtime is where Pivotal Labs folks get together and draw during lunch. We have Lunchtime Drawtime on Fridays at the NYC office, weekly for the past 6 months.
Here’s a list of protips in case you want to start your own Lunchtime Drawtime group. If you want to see more works by the Lunchtime Drawetimers, we post weekly on the Lunchtime Drawtime Tumblr.
Word, words... WORDS!

Word, words… WORDS!

Order food
Give folks 15 – 20 minutes to eat before corralling them for Drawtime.
No food at the drawing tables
This serves the purpose of avoiding getting food on drawings, and also creating a clear intention for the space, both for drawers and passersby.
Draw out in the open
You may get drop ins that you’d not expect, and it creates visibility for the group. It has worked well to do it near the dining area, so people pass by as they are getting lunch.

A Walking Talking Rock, by James R Somers

Keep meetings consistent
This helps people plan their week and you’ll get more regular drawtimers. We’ve been doing once a week on Fridays.
Have an optional prompt
Many people want a starting point to work from. It’s more fun to make the prompt a little absurd.
Bring books and other reference materials
Some people want to do their own thing, and having different printed material can be reference or inspiration.

Snapping Turtle, by Alex Kramer

No erasers
This reminds people that we’re not there to ‘get it right’. If people want erasers, they can bring their own.
Work on small to medium sized paper
6×8 inches works well, it’s approachable but not too tiny.
Remind people that we’re there to draw
If folks start comparing their work to others, or being boisterous or creating distractions, give a gentle reminder to draw!


Put works on display in the office
Honoring the work by hanging it in a visible place is encouraging and fun, and is fun for the entire office.
Play music
It helps create an environment for drawing, and keeps people from blabbing a lot. Blues is nice.
Keep it light and fun!
We use colored pencils, play music, and encourage people to freestyle.

Banana in a Canoe, by Bryan Goldstein

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