SpringOne Platform—A Movement Comes of Age

August 2, 2016 Steve Casale


SpringOne Platform Day 1Close to three years ago, a group of developer- and product-types filled a modest conference space in Silicon Valley, adjacent to what was then the SpringOne2GX conference. Spring was already a popular tribe of committed java developers and open source fellow travelers. The other conference was called “Platform CF”, where roughly 450 attendees gathered to talk about modern cloud platforms and the ways startup titans had been scaling out data and analytics to disruptive effect.

Cloud Foundry was at the tail end of its status as a project—just starting grow the limbs that would make it the most widely adopted open source and commercial application platform by the end of 2015. And as we’ve gone deeper into enterprises, we’ve found a lasting association between developers, IT operations and the ever versatile Java.

Today over 2,000 faithful from more than 400 companies large and small have come together on the hot-baked plains of Las Vegas, for SpringOne Platform. They are developer and operator types, consultants and designers, and business leaders pulling their teams and companies through a transformation that starts with software and continues through organizations and markets.

SpringOne Platform for the first time brings together all the Pivotal, customer, and community narratives that have grown up around the ideas of a modern platform for continuous innovation. More than ever it is about the steady and broader application of these ideas to a generation of enterprises where the cloud is the central architecture. It’s also teaching and learning about an Agile approach—the “fighting style” for a generation of technologists.

In the end though, it has been and still is about people: How developers and operators work better together; how automation enables sustainable release cycles and work hours; and how giving back hours and days to engineers gives them agency to create new value. It’s also about taking on silos across the organization, to get more engaged in the cycle of continuous innovation.

#cloudfoundry 101 has sparked a ton of interest as well! #springone pic.twitter.com/wodsuhceMi

— Dwayne Forde (@dwayneforde) August 1, 2016


That's a brave statement. "Spring: owning Java innovation since 2004" #s1p

— Donnie Berkholz (@dberkholz) August 1, 2016


When Kent Beck threw down the gauntlet with Extreme Programming (XP), he aimed in large part to help ordinary developer teams do extraordinary things. In the end, SpringOne Platform is an extension of that collective narrative to broaden the field of opportunity for any community to do extraordinary things through software.

Today was a starting of the engines: the opening unconference on anything Pivotal Cloud Foundry; concentrated hands-on workshops from Pivotal Education; lightening talks, and more. The conversation begins in earnest tomorrow. We’ll be summarizing keynotes here each day, include other news and photos, facts, and tweets of note. Welcome to the conversation!

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