Spotlight on Toronto Tech: GestSure

August 16, 2012 Pivotal Labs

We like to keep tabs on new and innovative ways that technology is being used, especially in Toronto and abroad. Here’s what caught our eye this week:

Toronto startup GestSure has sure got a grip on useful surgical tools, well, figuratively. The self-title tool is the result of a Microsoft Kinect hack that uses depth-sensing 3D cameras to “integrate easily and flexibly into the Operating Room workflow”.

With their sterile hands working away on a patient, many doctors face the problem of being unable to access important patient documents and images while in the OR. The digital images they need to access are either in a non-sterile state or is handled by another healthcare professional. The last thing a surgeon wants to do is put patients at risk by passing bacteria back and forth between equipment.

Using GestSure, surgeons are able to manipulate 2D and 3D images that appear on the screen themselves. Doctors simply face the Kinect device that is hooked up to a display and use hand gestures to look at and navigate these images of parts of the body that need attention by zooming, turning and moving the image – without touching anything.

This is a huge benefit to doctors who are performing surgery since they no longer have to remove their gloves, or use their hands to access the data and re-sterilize before continuing with the operation.

To learn more about GestSure, check out this interview CEO and Co-Founder Jamie Tremaine did with GeekWire, and see it in action at Sunnybrook Hospital here.

(Image: GestSure)

(Image: CNET)

Motion & depth sensor technology is a hot trend right now, so obviously we’re all over it here at the Labs. We’re working on some projects of our own that utilizes this trendy technology, stay tuned for more details. But in the meantime, here are some other cool Microsoft Kinect Hacks that have impressed us at the Labs:

Smart Trashcan
Earth Topography & Water Simulator
3D Video Capture with Connect

Know of a technology being used in an innovative way in Toronto? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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