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December 13, 2007 Pivotal Labs

in my spare time, I’ve been poking at DRM/DRI code in OpenBSD. right now its been imported (but disabled). the code is not ready, but its far enough along to be hacked on in-tree.

one of the things I’ve been doing is going through and removing the i386-isms that tagged along with the FreeBSD/NetBSD code. a few gross things, like vtophys(), and some code that assumes 32-bit procs. in the process, I’m learning little things like C, Kernel Interfaces, IOCTL, and allocating memory for hardware devices. Fun stuff, and a few chunks are actually working.

of course, someone else is the actual maintainer, I’m just poking at things, with the hope that I’ll figure it out and make not-sucky patches. :)

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