Shop on the Fly with Karmaloop’s New App for iPhone

August 14, 2012 Pivotal Labs

Need hot fashions on the fly? We’ve got a solution for you!, a Boston-based web retailer, launches an app for the iPhone that allows men and women to browse, share and purchase from over 500 of world’s most popular streetwear brands on the fly. Karmaloop’s app complements its already popular website, which receives over 4.5 million unique visits a month. Highly sought-out Karmaloop houses brands like Vans, WeSC, Converse, Cheap Monday, Puma and Adidas, just to name a few.

Xtreme Labs stepped in to help Karmaloop re-launch the app to bring it to a whole new level of shopping awesomeness.

This app is an example of the ultimate ecommerce solution for retail businesses as they face a changing industry. Customers are searching for new ways to shop at their convenience. The new trend for retailers is to bring the shopping experience to the consumer, rather than have the consumer physically present in the store or surf to the website. Mobile solutions, like Karmaloop’s app, make it possible for business to create new ways to interact with and reach consumers. The store is in the palm of the consumer’s hand.

So what’s hot about this app?

  • The High Resolution Images – Zoom in to get up close and personal with items you’re browsing. Or use the apps unique gallery carousel to see items modeled from multiple angles
  • Exclusive Deals and Gift Codes – These sweet deals are only available through the app
  • Sharing Functions – Show off new purchases to friends with seamless Twitter, Facebook or email sharing
  • Streamline Check-Outs – Process your order on the fly through the app to get your purchased goods faster

Next time you have a hankering to shop, simply pull out your iPhone and in a few short taps you’ll be browsing the latest streetwear fashions on the awesome new Karmaloop app!

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