Retail Apps Report – 2014 U.S. Edition

May 20, 2014 Megan Wheeler

History of the U.S. Retail Apps Report

A year has passed since our U.S. Retail Apps Report – 2013 Edition. By including rankings, reviews, and commentary about major brands like Walgreens, Amazon, and Best Buy, it attracted the attention of leading publications such as Forbes, Mobile Commerce Daily, and Biz Report. For these and other companies, the report was instrumental in helping them recognize our expertise in the space – for over 25 years, Pivotal Labs has developed award-winning mobile and web solutions across multiple industries, including retail, media, healthcare, and financial services.Our 2014 report is no exception, having already been featured in Internet Retailer.

About the Retailers

With their billions of dollars in annual revenue, the top 25 U.S. mCommerce retailers (based on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Mobile Guide) certainly have the resources to build stellar apps that drive revenue, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. So why are some still falling behind, launching poorly executed products that tarnish the brand image and turn customers to competitors?

What the 2014 Retail Apps Report Covers

We investigate these issues and more in the report. Our 2014 report delves further into the features that users are looking for, how to build a high-performance app, and why great design is important. Using research based on public ratings and reviews from iTunes and Google Play, the report describes how retail apps have evolved and whether they meet the needs of their users. More areas of coverage include:

  • Which retail apps rated highest and lowest this past year
  • Features consumers are demanding of retail apps
  • How to optimize performance of a retail app
  • Why great design is critical to keeping users

Download the Report

Download our exclusive 2014 Retail Apps Report – U.S. Edition to understand what retail apps are leading, what makes them successful, and why mobile is an opportunity for all retailers to boost engagement and drive the bottom line.

2014 Retail Apps Report - U.S. Edition

2014 Retail Apps Report – U.S. Edition


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