Railsconf: Rails: A Year of Innovation Gregg Pollack (Rails Envy), Jason Seifer (Rails Envy)

May 7, 2009 Pivotal Labs


Cool Stuff

  • Rubymine (Fuzzy search added 4 days ago)
  • Rack
  • Metal
  • CacheMoney – write-thru caching – overcome replication lag.
  • Rails Templates – install plugins, do VCS stuff etc.
  • Metric Fu – Code analysis: Flay, Flog, Roodi, reek (code smell) & rcov
  • Rails.cache
  • Cucumber
  • FakeWeb – fake entire websites for testing
  • Spike – log analyser
  • Ultrasphinx – full text search
  • Sliding Stats – rack middleware
  • Clearance – authentication
  • Sprinkle – provisioning
  • Passenger Stack
  • Spree – shopping cart setup
  • Webrat – DSL for integration tests
  • Taps – migrate a database from one server to another

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