Rails 3 with RVM and Cruise Control

October 26, 2010 Mike Barinek

Here are a few notes on how to get individual CruiseControl.rb project Builders running with RVM.

[Note: I’m making an assumption here that you know and understand Bundler and RVM.]

[Also: Cruise may or may not be running on RVM]

Create and check in a .rvmrc file in your rails root directory. Here’s an example.

rvm ruby-1.8.7-p174@rails-example

Then, add a project build command to your cruise_config.rb file.

Project.configure do |project|
  project.build_command = './cruise_build.sh'

Finally, create a cruise_build.sh file. The bash script setups rvm and just calls your cruise control build task.

[Note: Your cruise rake task should probably call Bundler’s “bundle install”.]


source $HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm && source .rvmrc

rake cc:build

…and your cruise project builder is now using RVM!

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