Preparing for RailsConf Component-Based Applications Workshop

April 18, 2015 Stephan Hagemann

At this year’s RailsConf I am going to be teaching the workshop: Get started with Component-Based Rails applications! It is a 90 minute session that gets you from 0 to 10 components in 90 minutes. The session is in the Labs track and will be held on day 1, Tuesday, April 21 at 3:50pm. If you are attending RailsConf, you can sign up for the workshop here.

This short post outlines the steps to get your machine set up for the topics we will be covering in the workshop.

Workshop Preparation contains the sample application that we will be working with. The short of it is that if you can checkout and build this app successfully, you are all set for the workshop on Tuesday.

git clone
cd sportsball

If the last output you get is SUCCESS you are all set!

You will need to install Ruby 2.2.2 and bundler to perform the above steps successfully.

#cbra Book

I am in the process of writing a book on Component-Based Rails applications. The book is in progress; nonetheless, I have started to publish it at It is not necessary to have read the existing parts of the book for the workshop. However, the book will be a great way to recap details after the session.

To make the decision easier, I will be giving out a 50% off coupon to participants of the workshop!

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