Pivots & Movember

November 8, 2009 Davis W. Frank

For the past few years, Pivotal has had a mustache growing contest in November. For a month, upper lips got stubbly, then fuzzy, and in some cases down-right bushy. Much trash was talked and then awards were given & eleven months of bragging rights began.

Last fall, my sister-in-law asked if our competition was tied-in with the fund raising of Movember. We weren’t. She told of how her entire office got involved and had a big party at the end of the month and they raised a whole bunch of cash to fight, lightly put, “dude cancer”.

(Well most of them did – she told me about one guy who, when a much-delayed blind date finally got scheduled for November Movember 28th, he bailed & shaved before the big ‘meet’. Serioulsy?First impressions are important, but if the date can’t deal with the ‘stache for a couple more days in the name of cancer then they’re likely not “material”. But I digress…)

So this year Pivots are growing mustaches for Movember and nearly a third of eligible upper lips are participating. There are a few different competitions going on and I wanted to catch you up on progress at the end of week one.

In the team competition we have Pivots-West – those in the San Francisco office – growing against Pivots-East – the New York City office. The team that raises the most money per ‘stache will win a pub lunch, a trophy for their Pivotal office, and bragging rights for a year. We have various ad-hoc individual awards that we’re working out as well, but more on that later.

As of Movember 8th:

  • Pivots-West have raised: $1,155.01 and are ranked 124th in the US
  • Pivots-East have raised: $100 and we won’t talk about their ranking just now

All the money is tax deductible and goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LiveSTRONG. We encourage all of our regular readers, and really, the whole Rails community to donate:

If you’ve already donated, then thanks! Once you’ve donated and are curious as the whisker progression, then please check out our Photo Blog.

That’s all for now. See you next week for another progress update…

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