PivotalBooster gets a boost

May 22, 2012 Ronan Dunlop

We’re always thrilled to see people build cool things with our API, but we’re even more excited when these original apps are refined, improved, and polished even further to meet customer needs.

That’s exactly what Railsware has done with their latest major upgrade to their desktop app PivotalBooster.

“We are glad to announce you a major release of PivotalBooster version 1.1.0.beta.
With its new and enhanced features, working with your projects, tasks and stories will become even more convenient and flexible. For example, now it is much easier to create a new story or update an existing one in our absolutely new story detail view. Plus, the new drag-and-drop attachment feature provides you with a faster way of adding attachments. And, if you are managing several projects at once, the new filtering by the project feature is just right for you. That’s not all that new PivotalBooster has to offer to you.”

Please read Sergey Korolev’s full blog post to get the full list of new features and keyboard shortcuts for PivotalBooster.

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