Pivotal Tracker GoGaRuCo Haiku Contest!

September 8, 2010 Pivotal Labs

Missed your chance to sign up for GoGaRuCo? They just sold the last ticket over the weekend. It’s looking like an awesome line-up. But have no fear, you still have one chance to win a ticket!

It’s the Pivotal Tracker GoGaRuCo Haiku Contest!

We’re giving away one ticket to GoGaRuCo, the Golden Gate Ruby Conference happening here in San Francisco September 17th-18th.

Rules: Submit your Pivotal Tracker-related Haiku to tracker-haiku-contest@pivotallabs.com by one minute to Midnight Pacific Time, this Thursday night, September 9th. Multiple submissions are allowed, but of course only your best one’s going to win, now isn’t it.

We’ll pick one winner, at our sole discretion, to be announced here. What are our criteria? I’ll mostly be looking for awesomeness, but adherence to standard North American 5-7-5 form does count. (It would take a lot of awesomeness to overcome divergence from this style, and no submission without at least a little awesomeness is going to make it.) References to season a plus.

All submissions are licensed to Pivotal Labs to use however we see fit, and you retain the ability to use them as you see fit, under the Creative Commons commercial attribution share alike license. The winner will be granted one ticket to GoGaRuCo. Your travel is of course up to you.

Valid entries must include name, telephone, and email. Name will be used in attribution, but neither the telephone number or email will be made public.

So have at it! Give us your Tracker haikus. Don’t know Tracker yet? Really? Check it out!

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