Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.6.1 fixes Romaji and other text input issues: 失礼しました。

March 6, 2013 Christian Niles

We’ve just released version 1.6.1 of the Pivotal Tracker iOS app, which includes fixes for a number of text input problems.

Most importantly, it fixes Romaji input for Japanese users. While we don’t officially support non-English localizations, we try our best to allow Tracker to be used in any language. This release also fixes a similar bug that prevented auto-completion, spell-checking, and text shortcuts from working in text fields.

Dragging stories is also snappier in this release, because we’ve reduced the delay before beginning a drag. To recap, stories can be dragged to a new location by touching and holding a story for a short time with one finger. We include a momentary delay, otherwise stories would get moved while scrolling through story panels. Touching a story with two fingers will immediately begin dragging a story, which I find really convenient and useful on an iPad.

The new version can be downloaded from the App Store, and we welcome your feedback in the Pivotal Tracker community forum.

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