Pivotal’s Third Acquisition In Two Months Expands Global Reach

February 18, 2016 Stacey Schneider

sfeatured-neoPivotal’s mission focuses on solving the biggest challenge—and opportunity—for the enterprise today: developing custom software quickly, reliably and scalably. With the digital revolution clearly underway, market leaders such as JP Morgan Chase have started to write letters to their shareholders citing, “Silicon Valley is coming,” proving that innovative upstarts like Uber and Airbnb have shaken the very concepts of brand value and customer loyalty. Give a user an app with an unrivaled user experience, and their loyalty evaporates.

Since 1989, Pivotal Labs has partnered with disruptive upstarts and innovative enterprises to transform how they build software—to narrow development cycles from months to days, to focus on the right problems to solve, and create some of the most compelling user experiences out there.

To support the growing demands of enterprises looking to the Silicon Valley mindset to gaining marketshare, Pivotal has acquired three companies over the last two months. Starting with CloudCredo (December 2015) and Slice of Lime (January 2016)—not to mention bringing Eric Ries on board as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (also January 2016), Pivotal is excited to announce today that we have acquired Neo, a provider of Agile development services based in Singapore and San Francisco, in a strategic initiative to extend our ability to help companies around the globe.

Why Neo

Pivotal welcome's the new Neo team in Singapore. Neo's team in San Francisco will join both the San Francisco and Palo Alto locations.

Pivotal welcomes the Neo team from Singapore.

The Pivotal Labs approach has had a strong influence on Neo from its very inception. Neo is deeply aligned with Pivotal’s Agile software development and Lean Startup methodologies. Their results-driven approach emphasizes experimentation―helping clients define, design, and build product by testing it in-market to create true customer value.

For the past several years, Neo has rapidly established its reputation as a go-to software development and design consulting firm with its work with major companies such as Adobe, eBay, Time, and the government of Singapore.

“The Pivotal Way of software development is proving itself in spades. Enterprises of all sizes around the globe need our help every day. Acquisition is an obvious tactic to expand our reach, but only if the company really understands the importance of our opinionated approach to agile,” said Drew McManus, vice president of Pivotal Labs. “Neo is undoubtedly one of those companies, and is a natural fit that will help us help countless more companies on their journey to transform to digital leaders.”

“We’re very excited to be joining the Pivotal family. Pivotal Labs has always been on the leading edge of agile development and engineering methodologies for better software development, was a strong influence on our existing delivery techniques and cultural DNA, and is tightly aligned with what we’ve been doing with our clients in Asia Pacific. Combined with Pivotal’s engineering in critical open source frameworks and middleware, we’re looking forward to the new capabilities and superpowers this will give our current and future clients,” said Daryl Manning, former Managing Director who came to Pivotal through the Neo acquisition.

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