Pivotal’s New Big Data Suite Redefines the Economics of Big Data Including UNLIMITED Hadoop to Enterprises

April 2, 2014 Stacey Schneider

featured-big-dataThe Big Data battleground has been an interesting market to watch lately. Centered around Apache Hadoop, and surrounded by an active ecosystem of commercial ventures and open source projects, this space is unfolding fast. Just days ago we saw a big name player exit and major money from VCs be poured in at the same time.

Today, Pivotal is changing the economics of Big Data forever.

Available today, we are launching a new product offering that is aimed squarely at defining the economics through a customer lens, delivering flexible big data computing to drive rapid adoption in the enterprise. Specifically, the new offering, Pivotal Big Data Suite, is an annual subscription based software, support, and maintenance package that bundles Pivotal Greenplum Database, Pivotal GemFire, Pivotal SQLFire, Pivotal GemFire XD, and Pivotal HAWQ, into a flexible pool of big and fast data products. It is subscription based, and priced per core—and interestingly, is delivered with unlimited use of supported Pivotal HD, Pivotal’s commercial distribution of Hadoop.

Pricing on a per core basis is music to every CIO and IT director’s ears. This means you can store everything, without run-away software licensing and support fees. It means usage of Pivotal’s enterprise hardened Hadoop distribution, Pivotal HD, that works natively with in-memory data processing and a host of tools and analytic libraries that dramatically accelerate time-to-insight, is essentially free with subscription. Store all the data you want. Your subscription, based on how much you analyze the data, will cover it.

And, all the while, you have unlimited support from Pivotal. Maybe even more importantly, you’ll have a host of proven commercial tools available that can be used interchangeably, ensuring you have the ability to use the right tool for the right problem. Tools that have been proven to solve big problems—like righting China’s railway reservation system, or optimizing GE’s industrial systems that will save $10-15 Trillion by 2020.

Priced aggressively, the aim for this is to blow open the doors for companies to access the Business Data Lake, where all company data is pooled together and can be used on demand to gain important insights or automate systems, when the business needs it and without waiting for IT to prepare the data.

For many enterprises, so far Big Data initiatives have not been much more than Big Talk. Yet, investment in this area grew a whopping 58% last year—because increasingly, companies are getting serious about big data. The first adopters have done their job. The products have been vetted and commercialized and the benefits have become popularized and tangible. All economic rules are pointing established enterprises toward jumping on the Big Data bandwagon, fast.

However, despite seeing its clear value, until now, IT leaders have held up by two things:

  1. Skills. From the knowledge of how to build out Big Data architecture to analyzing the data itself, these skills are in short supply in almost every organization. Enterprises are struggling with learning new technologies, dramatically different approaches to data management and analysis, and navigating how to assemble the right software packages and projects to achieve the desired results.
  2. Cost. Regardless if companies go the open source route where it takes lots of skills and effort to string projects together to make a big data solution, or they purchase commercial packages, justifying the expense is really hard when it is impossible to know the potential value of the data waiting to be unlocked, or what will be the right tools to solve your future data needs.

Pivotal’s Big Data Suite does much for each of these arguments to make it a no-brainer to move forward.

  1. All the tools in one suite. When you don’t even know the full potential of your data, it is impossible to predict what tools will be best to harvest it. Big Data Suite puts a variety of tools, including Hadoop’s HDFS for storage, in-memory data grid (IMDG), massively parallel processing for data analytics, data ingest and manipulation tools, as well as a library of a variety of best-practice algorithms to give your company a head start. Its like a swiss army knife for Big Data. Under one license, you can use whatever tool is right for your problem, for the same price.
  2. Pay-for-value. For your Business Data Lake to have the most potential value, companies need to keep all data. In this model, you are not taxed for collecting and saving the data. So when you know it’s going to be useful, you will pay for the processing of it, using the right tool since the pricing is unified, simplified and flexible. And, regardless if the data is being used or just being collected and stored, full support is just a call away. This means businesses should be comfortable storing everything without fear of runaway license and support costs, and will be more likely to create more complete data sets and garner more use out of their data.
  3. Enterprise grade, with accelerators to value. With unified capabilities grounded in over three decades worth of engineering, Big Data Suite is proven and ready to go, making standing up a comprehensive data management solution a realistic, short-term possibility for any organization. Packed with a SQL-friendly query tools and support for a variety of ready-to-use, best-practice algorithms that give data analysts a friendly head start to solving their data needs. For Spring developers, this suite provides hooks into the data framework like Spring XD, that makes baking in complex data even easier to their applications.

As Pivotal continues to push toward the vision of Pivotal One, where applications, data and devices become infinitely easier to tie together and development becomes more productive, today’s news is a big boost for Big Data. Today, Pivotal just made it a whole lot more enticing for businesses to embrace Big Data and it’s possibilities, in terms that make sense to them. Simple pricing on customer terms, holistic data services, and proven to scale—Big Data Suite is set to be the biggest accelerator of Big Data business this year.

Pivotal Big Data Suite is available now. Priced aggressively, the subscription is based on the number of cores on two and three year terms and requires a cumulative contract minimum.

To learn more, or try Big Data Suite out, check out the Big Data Suite product page here.

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