Pivotal Pulse open-sourced

February 2, 2010 Edward Hieatt

A while back I blogged about Pivotal’s internal CI aggregator, which we use to display the status and history of the builds of all the different projects we’re working on. In additional to our internal instance, we have another instance of it running at ci.pivotallabs.com that shows the status of various open-source projects that we maintain or depend on.

We got a lot of interest from people who wanted to run an instance of this CI aggregator app, which we call “Pulse”, at their own company. Well, we’ve now done the work to open-source the application. You can access it here:


There’s documentation on that page that describes how to install and use the app.

Pulse’s CI is here and it’s shown, of course, on an instance of itself at http://ci.pivotallabs.com.

The public Pivotal Tracker project for Pulse is here.

Please let us know your feedback!

About the Author

Edward Hieatt

Edward Hieatt is Senior Vice President of Pivotal’s services organization. In this role, Edward is responsible for the strategy, execution, and business results of Pivotal's next-generation client services organization—Pivotal Labs. In addition, Edward is responsible for Pivotal's worldwide technical field and software subscription renewal organizations, which help clients adopt and become successful with Pivotal's products and services.

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