Pivotal Opening Up Big Data Opportunities for Asia

October 22, 2013 Stacey Schneider

Asia Pacific Pivotal Summit 2013Launched just 6 months ago, Pivotal continues to build momentum and trust around the globe for helping companies solve big data problems. This week, Pivotal is expanding in Asia.

Ahead of its first ever Asia Pacific Pivotal™ Summit 2013, Pivotal today announced that it has opened the Pivotal Innovation Centre by partnering with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). The new centre will offer both commercial and government organizations a place to accelerate their Big Data Analytics projects using Pivotal’s big data and cloud technologies as well as leveraging our expertise in data science and agile development. This centre is the first Innovation Centre for Pivotal globally.

Also announced today, the new centre already has a flagship project with Singapore’s Government. The project will further help to establish Singapore Government’s vision of becoming the Big Data hub for Asia Pacific.

This is an important time for big data in Asia, with big data technology and services market growing at over 30% per year, it is no surprise that analyst firms like Gartner see big data BI and analytics among the top three key technology priorities among CIOs in Asia/Pacific alongside mobile and cloud computing.

A first of its kind in Asia, Pivotal has invested USD $8M in hardware and software and hired a team of experienced data scientists to reduce the cost of getting started and to help companies stay competitive in this new big data era. Companies can look to use the Pivotal Innovation Centre to build transformative new big data innovations similar to how GE created 14 new big data solutions that is projected to save industries $20 billion dollars next year. They can also look to the centre for modernization strategies to their data infrastructure or legacy systems, by building out Hadoop solutions or using modern in-memory caching systems to improve scalability of legacy RDBMSes.

With teams of software engineers, data scientists and product specialists providing strategic support, organizations have the opportunity to use this center to do due diligence on their next big data projects. With Pivotal’s resources and experts on hand, companies can rapidly deliver prototypes that prove the feasibility and return on investment of their big data initiatives and accelerate their entrance into this domain.

In addition, companies can learn cutting edge development practices including the practices of agile development, paired programming and test driven development (TDD) allowing them to create development teams that are more productive and responsive to changing needs.

Singapore Innovation Centre

Pivotal started opening offices in Asia as of July 1, 2013. With over 200 employees in 10 countries and over 50 partners in the region, the new centre will be a focal point for big data innovation.

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