Pivotal One To Be the RX for Medicine: How Aridhia Will Use Genetics Big Data To Solve For Cancer, Diabetes and More

May 2, 2013 Stacey Schneider

Today Aridhia, a UK based company Biomedical Informatics company, announced their plans to standardize on Pivotal One to speed up the analysis of massive amounts of clinical, patient, imaging and genomic data and enable clinicians and researchers to discover better ways to provide personalized treatments tailored to the genetics of individual patients.

Big Data The Future of Healthcare

This is yet another validation that the world is prime for a Consumer-Grade Enterprise, where everyone can benefit from the success and strategies of big consumer companies like Facebook, Netflix and Instagram who have successfully parsed enormous amounts of data in real-time to provide unique customer insights and service.

Backed by VMware, EMC and General Electric, Pivotal One is meant to be an accelerator for large-scale innovation across organizations of all kinds. Offered as a ready-to-use Platform-as-a-Service, it promises a faster, more productive way to develop applications with big data. Delivered in the cloud, and assembled from proven with application, data and cloud services contributed to the new company during its formation and further innovation from the 1,250 plus technologists working at Pivotal, companies like Aridhia will have an opportunity to make substantial progress on solving the world’s complex data problems faster than ever before.

Announced last week with the launch of Pivotal, Pivotal One will be made available later this year although several components of the new Suite, including the latest innovation Pivotal HD, are available now.


Creating ‘Stratified Medicine’

With the ability to scale data analysis in the cloud, on-demand, the medical field will have an important opportunity to revolutionize how medicine uses genetics and bring it to the person-level. Using genetic profiles, science will be able to accelerate the application of targeted therapies to individuals that suffer from chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases worldwide.

Aridhia plans to be on the forefront of this wave, ushering in the new era of ‘Stratified Medicine’, where international healthcare, life and biomedical science markets will have the ability to quickly parse massive amounts of general research and statistics and pair them with the specific genetics of an affected individual, revolutionizing how medicine will look at the factors that effect each patient’s treatment and healthcare outcomes.

In a press release earlier today, Aridhia’s CEO and Chairman, Dr David Sibbald, cited how he believes healthcare in the near future will increasingly rely on real-time, personalized data analysis to support more targeted, cost-effective and effective treatment plans:

“A person’s genetic profile can have a massive impact on the effectiveness of their treatment plan. Our technology will enable healthcare professionals, for the first time, to truly treat patients as individuals rather than simply as set a set of symptoms.

By combining our innovations and international clinical faculty’s experience with Pivotal’s expertise in real-time, high-capacity analytics and scalability, we are a step closer to our goal of becoming a world leader in the sophisticated analysis of clinical and scientific information required for the personalised, targeted drugs and treatments of the future.”

Excited by the prospects of what this partnership will mean for tens of millions of chronic disease sufferers, Chris Roche, Chief Technology Officer EMEA at Pivotal, believes this has the potential to produce wide-scale improvements in the treatment and patient outcomes by replacing current “inadequate” and “wasteful” management systems that are “not always fit for purpose”:

“Once chronic disease has taken hold, big data analytics solutions of this type can allow easier identification of the drivers of the condition, to ensure its management is as effective as possible. Current methods of managing chronic illness, with standardized prescriptions and care plans, are not always fit for purpose; proper use of healthcare informatics can minimize the inadequacies or waste that can result from such misallocation of resources.”

For more information on how Pivotal is providing the next-generation enterprise PaaS, check out the following links:

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