Pivotal Offering Redis Support + Redis 2.8.0 Now Available

December 3, 2013 Stacey Schneider

cta-download-redisEarlier this year, we published a story on one of our Pivotal People, Salvatore Sanfillipo, the inventor of Redis. First released in 2009, Redis is a popular open source in-memory data cache, with over a million users worldwide. It is used to speed up data in many of the most popular web applications that deal with huge data volumes, including Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Savvy readers noticed Pivotal was becoming a hot bed for Redis knowledge and development, and today we are happy to extend that competency out to commercial support offerings. As of today, Pivotal will be offering 2 types of services for companies that have grown to depend on Redis and would like commercial support.

  • Developer Support. Priced per developer, this support is designed to support developers as they build out and support their own systems. Support is available for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week and is valid for one year.
  • Production Support. Priced per CPU, this support is the type of round-the-clock support that is needed for customer facing apps companies use to run their business.

To request support, contact Pivotal via our website or email us at redis@gopivotal.com.

Redis 2.8.0 Now Available

In addition, after nearly a year of development, and weeks without a serious bug being reported for the public beta, Redis 2.8.0 has been released as stable code.

With nearly 1000 commits to the now stable branch, many things are improved in the latest version, including:

  • Partial resynchronization with slaves. It is no longer needed to transfer all the data set from the master to the slave if the link is interrupted for a short time. >> More
  • Redis collections are now iterable with SCAN / HSCAN / ZSCAN / SSCAN. >> More
  • The CONFIG module was re-written to allow config changes sent directly to instances to be propagated to the server in order to preserve how the server works after a reboot. >> More
  • IPv6 support.
  • Scripting improvements (EVALSHA replication).
  • Better key expiring algorithm.
  • Keyspace events notification via Pub/Sub. >> More
  • Better consistency support with the ability to stop writes if there are not at least N slaves that are not lagged more than M milliseconds.
  • A number of additional small features and bugs fixed.


About the Sentinel Re-write

Redis Sentinel, the management system dedicated to Redis, was rewritten from scratch to be more reliable. The new version is available to work with Redis 2.8.0, however it must be downloaded from the unstable branch.


For companies with Redis installed, it is recommended that you consider the list of features and improvements for Redis 2.8.0 and establish a plan to upgrade when it fits the needs of the business. While upgrades are encouraged, previous versions are stable and can continue to support your projects. However, given the degree of revisions and improvements for Sentinel, it is recommended that users upgrade Sentinel to the new version as soon as possible.

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